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"To decide..." Quotes

To decide is to walk facing forward with nary a crick in your neck from looking back at the crossroads. ~Betsy Cañas Garmon

To decide the future live the present and learn from the past. ~Catherine Langenkamp

To decide the lives we live we have to choose the doors we open and close each day. ~Yoyo Scolari

To decide whether to let go or hang in there is often the hardest thing to do. ~Kenrick Kilet

To decide to proceed when it is easier stop is the first step to success. ~Linda Riley

To decide to love, despite fear, hurt and anger, is the greatest victory. ~Sue Rock

To decide, we use the brain. But to choose, it's the heart which does the work. ~Setu Shah

To decide is redundant, your choice has already been made. ~Emily Steele

To decide life's journeys you have to spread your wings and fly. If you crash and burn, pick yourself up and fly in another direction. ~Lindsay

To decide what you are going to do is a bigger task than actually doing it. ~M.H.

To decide is to make peace within and let the chips fall where they may. ~Lisa Tabak

To decide one's future, is to decide one's fate ~John Sarasien

To decide one thing can leave you forever wondering "what if." ~Heather Shaver

To decide not to decide is sometimes the best decision of all. ~Bonnie Ammerman

To decide whether the mind or the heart be followed is like taking an exam hoping to pass by chance. ~Karyn Tejares Fuentes

To decide to love doesn't dwindle any other part of you, it harbors a new world of opportunity. ~Tara Tordonato,

To decide is to take the first step towards action, the second step is to actually take some action. ~Delores Wiltse

To decide to live the rest of your life with another is hard. To decide to live it alone is tougher. ~Chloe Glasse,

To decide you must first believe within yourself that you will and your heart will follow your decision. ~James Darren Hicks

To decide with your heart, but to think with your head is the great philosophy of life.