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Moving On Saying

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Allow yourself a few minutes a day if necessary to mourn and then move on to something else that is more productive for you.

Don't do things to get your ex jealous. This is not MOVING ON! This is also a form of delaying your healing process.

Do not ask your friends if they have seen your ex. Do not ask how s/he is; you do not want to know.

Don't hook up with ur ex. You'll start right back at square one and all the work u did trying to get over them will be wasted.

Cut off all communication with your ex. You cannot be friends while you attempt to get over each other.

There are all kinds of things that remind you of your ex - a song, a smell, a sound, a place. Remove memory triggers!

Exercise improves ur mood and alleviates depression, and the distraction will help keep ur mind off ur situation. Stay active!

Do what you have to do to get past the pain and hurt. Cry if you have to but don't hide from the pain.

Talk or write about your feelings. This might lead to discovering a reasonable explanation for the end of the relationship.

Make a clean breakup with the person. I.E. don't go back to them for comfort or be "on again, off again."

Pick up hobbies! These kinds of activities will ease your mind from thinking about past relationships, and be relaxing.

Keeping yourself occupied is necessary to get over your breakup. Do things you enjoy!

Sometimes during breakups you let your appearance go. Clean up! This will help you to start feeling good about yourself again.

Stick to your close friends and family. Stay busy with them and focus on other things than the break up.

Go shopping. There is nothing that makes a woman feel better about herself than buying a new wardrobe.

Push yourself to go out and mingle with other people. Talk to you friends and remember, "THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR!"

Start hanging out with your friends again. Get out there in the world and start chatting with people.

Do things for yourself so that you can build your self-esteem back up to where it was before the break up.

Find a hobby to do and stick to it. This can keep you busy and help stop thinking about your ex-lover.

The breakup process will eventually end and you will find closure. Keep your head up and do not forget about yourself.

It's fine if you want to cry. It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman crying will help you release the heartache.

Don't think about what your ex is doing. Think about what you are doing and focus 110% on your current situation.

Give yourself time to mourn/learn the relationship that’s ending before you look for somebody else to share your life with.

Everybody deals with pain in different ways and this is the time to listen to yourself and what you need.

Get rid of all the sad and sentimental objects that you two accrued as a couple. Example: pics, notes, letters and clothes.

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful and you deserve to be happy again. Mean it!
Do not pick up their calls by any means. Do not call them either, you will just get hurt in the long run.

Keep yourself busy! Go out and go shopping, go do something where your mind is not wondering.

Be grateful for where you're and what you’ve learned. Change your attitude and you'll change your life.

Never think twice about your decision. If it is your decision to breakup with him, avoid thinking of happy times with him.

Don't pretend that you are strong. It's just fine to cry as much as you want. This will make you feel better in the long run.

Going out with friends will remind you that being single can be just as fun as being in a relationship. Go out and have fun!

Friends = Free Therapists! Talk about how you're feeling and allow them to comfort you and offer you advice.

Avoid your EX phone calls or tell them not to call you anymore.

Clear your mind of all negative feelings to help you slowly let go of any lingering bitterness.

Consider all the possible reasons why the relationship has ended, and you'll have more acceptable understanding.

Give yourself plenty of time to heal and recuperate. Put away pictures, gifts or any mementos that remind you of your ex.

Go out and have fun. Don't stay home and sulk, as it will only make you feel more miserable.

Going out with friends will remind you that being single can be just as fun as being in a relationship.

Keep Busy. When you exercise you release endorphins in your body and releasing those endorphins makes you feel happier.